2012 Tāoga Niue Theme: “Tagata Niue – Manako Motu”

This is a continuation of our promotion from 2011 where Cultural Bridging “Make the
Connection” was selected as theme. It rounded off the continuing promotion of the 7 core sectors
of Tāoga Niue since it first started in 2005. The strategy was to provide ongoing awareness about
Tāoga Niue matters and maximize the sharing of information to sustain stakeholders’ interests.
The selection of theme for 2012 “Tagata Niue – Manako Motu – Love our Country” was
based on the need for every Niuean or those who have adopted Niue as their sovereign home, to
reflect on the many challenges we faced over the years and the dedication of our ancestors and
past generations, who have nurtured and sustained our home, Niue, from its beginnings to the
present day.
The number who chose to reside outside of Niue will continue to rise, affecting our role as
custodians in the preservation and strengthening of our identity and values. How honest are we in
sustaining the dreams of our past generations? How committed are we in sustaining Niue, no
matter where we choose to live? How much do we love our country? Ko e Tagata Niue; from
our many journeys and from generations to generations we faced many tribulations, pain and
challenges. From all those, we also managed to improve the livelihoods of our people and
harvest the fruits of our determination; but have we done enough in our lifetime? Tagata Niue –
Love our Country


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