Niue’s first National Museum ‘Huanaki’, opened 1987,
destroyed by Cyclone Heta (2004)

National Museum

The Fale Tau Tāoga Niue also houses the Niue National Museum, and a home to a variety of traditional artefacts showcasing Niue’s unique culture and heritage. Items in the collection consists of carvings, building and fishing tools, weaving, shell ornaments, fossil, metal, photos of Niue’s past, salvaged items from Cyclone Heta 2004, new acquisitions and repatriated deposits.

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Entry Fee – $10.00 (Kids & Students FREE)

OPENING HOURS: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

CLOSED: Saturdays, Sunday & Public Holidays

 Visits outside normal working hours can be arranged, as long as you let us know in advance. Call us on 4138 or email one of our lovely staff members 

Fale Tau Tāoga

The Fale Tāoga Niue opened 19th October 2018, on the anniversary of the 44th Niue Constitution Celebrations. The need for a proper facility and as initially generated in the 1980s  was revisited and promoted from the  inauguration of Tāoga Niue in 2004. It was also regarded as one of the longest national infrastructural and recovery project to get the go ahead after Cyclone Heta and  finally constructed November 2017. Construction of facility was made possible with funding made available by both the Government of New Zealand and the Government of Niue and implemented by DTB Contractors.The facility is shared with the National Archives Collection and also a challenge due to space. Every possible effort is provided to ensure all items are properly stored and displayed as well as day to day conservation  and preservation work. The facility also have an outside auditorium for performances, workshops and symposiums.

The outline of the ceiling and floor space of the museum display area is a depiction of the map of Niue, reinforcing the meaning of tāoga and  ownership of Tāoga Niue. For any visitor visiting the facility, it is an opportunity to restore their spiritual connection with the people and the land.

Inside the current Museum display area,
Fale Tau Tāoga Niue, Opened 2018

Over view & Objectives

General Overview

The sector is responsible for the preservation and conservation of all museum artifacts and collections held under the care of the Department in the promotion of Niue culture through displays, exhibitions, discussions, researches and in conjunction with the seven core sectors of Tāoga Niue. 



  • To provide an informative and effective display and promotion of artifacts, Niue identity, values and Vagahau Niue in the Fale Tau Tāoga Niue.
  •  Digitize and publish all museum artifacts for on-going discussions, researches, restoration work, preservation and future exhibitions.
  •  Provide thorough annual budgetary requirements for the running and maintenance of the National Museum.
  • Generate cultural events and activities to promote, strengthen and sustain Niue cultural heritage, values, identity and language.